Winter Cabaret

Algorithmic Puppet Show, 2019, Looped Videos Projected onto Stage, 03:45:00, 4m x 8m x 3m

The work, “Algorithmic Puppet Show” developed from the work, “Disintegration” and is inspired by panopticism within modern technology. Firstly I made the film below, “Panoptic Bytes” by shrinking four different pieces of footage and placing each piece in a quadrant on the screen. I then repeated this process until I had many cells of hands moving around. This turned each piece of footage into individual units of information and larger patterns became apparent because of footage duplication. I tried to avoid this by offsetting and reversing footage. This broke up the symphony of movement. It was important for patterns to be evident, but I didn’t want that to be a dominating feature. However the more cells there were present on the screen, the more pronounced patterns became. I wanted to present the video in such a way that it would continue on a loop for the entire exhibition – emphasising the meaning. Luckily I was able to secure the placement of stage lighting for the Winter Cabaret. This enabled me to work in a 3D space with my 2D projections. I duplicated the MP4 file of “Panoptic Bytes” and played the files through different projectors together as a duel projection. Unfortunately the technology within the projectors did not match and a discrepancy between the quality of footage and colour was apparent. Having two projectors gave me the chance to distort the footage across the stage flooring, which was then used throughout the evening by other artists performing. Projecting the work onto the stage was fitting and some interesting distortions happened across the floor and whilst people occupied the stage.

Panoptic Bytes, 2019, Video, 00:00:13