Degree Show


Mirror Box Test 05

Mirror Box Test 04

Mirror Box Test 03

Mirror Box Test 02

Mirror Box Test 01

Within my original ideas for the degree show, I had wanted to experiment with layering, duplication and reflection. I had purchased a number of mirror tiles in order to create a mirror corner. Whilst at home, I decided to create a box out of these mirrors, leaving one side open. I then activated my laptop camera and recorded out of it, whist simultaneously playing the DM Test videos below. I placed the laptop facing inwards towards the mirror box and left them to play. After which I edited the footage, cutting either side out of the timeline, in Premier Pro. What it has created is the feeling of watching my work from a static view in a much larger space. Scale became questionable and my work has made me think about Pipilotti Rist. Beautiful kaleidoscopic patterns emerge from angles and the walls. These form Mandelbrot-like movements across the screen, yet this additional step in experimentation has led me to feel more secure. I have literally given my collapsing reality a structure. Foundations and walls. In, “Mirror Box Test 03” I even tried to emphasise the space by placing, “Branches” inside the box to see how this would give or take away depth, and what it would do to the scale.


Fire Bird

DM Test 04

DM Test 03

DM Test 02

DM Test 01

Due to the Covid_19 pandemic I had to adjust my work and expectations. The only space I have available to me, is the screens in which people view my work on. This is a big challenge, being that I usually manipulate entire rooms for people to experience my work in. I thought about my work in a different way and started to think about nature and the code in which it is built; the fibonacci sequence. This led me to think about the code in our computers and how adjusting it would be a way of continuing this manipulation of time and space. The above DM Tests are my first attempts at creating new spaces using After Effect plug-ins and a data moshing extensions. Working in After Effects is new to me and I have experienced some workflow challenges using these new processes. The specialised software is also unpredictable but the effects are appropriate to our current situation. Digitalising nature and seeing the lines blur, melting into computer glitches demonstrates the collapse of something sacred.


Drawings for Degree Show

I wanted to take a room and turn it into something unique. Another world. Filling it with film, light, sound and sculpture. Creating an immersive environment. This world of mine would have focused on nature and technology. A mix of natural forms and materials replicated and integrated alongside metal impersonating pieces. A synthetic and simulated reality.


Jasper Jest, 2020, Painted Clay Sculpture with Cork Base, 26cm x 10cm x 7cm

I was inspired to project moving image onto a variety of made objects. Blank figures being one of them. This idea developed from Man Ray’s, “Le Retour à la Raison” where a naked lady rotates her body from left to right in front of a window; shadows of distorted patterns dance across her body. “Jasper Jest” was the beginnings of a small experiment that I wasn’t able to complete.

Metal Rings, 2020, Coiled and Welded Galvanised Steele Rods, 30cm Diameter

Other objects that I had hoped to project onto included; mirrors, trays of water, circular orbs and vortex cones. “Metal rings” were made with the aim of creating glowing moons in a dark space. I was going to achieve this by projecting circular videos into the rings, which would have been covered in white material. To expand on the idea further, I wanted to create vortex cones by pulling white spandex through the centre, which would have created a distorted projection.

Branches, 2020, Coiled Metal Wire around Branch, 54cm x 30cm x 26cm

Branches” was my most recent development from ongoing ideas around anxiety and the lungs. Running in the background over many months, I have been playing with the form of branches and lung bronchi. I created lung like structures using aluminium and worked on my ideas further in the metal workshop by bending and welding. I cannot develop it further at the moment.