2020 Interim Show

Alienate, Images, 2020, Video Projection, 5:1 Surround Sound and Light Installation, 00:03:30, 3.9m x 3m x 2.6m

Originally this work was intended to be a 5:1 surround sound audio piece in a blacked out room. However it developed into a combination of elements; audio, video and light. I made a 5.1 surround sound audio track that reflected my feelings of anxiety, constriction, panic and breathlessness. I did this by picking sounds from Nasa’s website, my own made sounds and found sounds. Then I edited them together in Adobe Audition. I moved elements around, eliminating and adding as I went along, until I felt comfortable with a large proportion of the track. My research largely consisted of going to exhibitions, events and workshops and listening to anxiety provoking sound compilations. I saw what other artists were producing, and how they choose to present their work. I absorbed aspects and re-purposed them into my own ideas. Much of my research was practical and about discovering how things are made. I then experimented with what I discovered. I installed my work in a dark room. I used heavy duty velcro and gum tape to neatly attach the speakers onto the walls, and painted everything black. After experiencing my work, I wasn’t content with what I had produced. The speakers didn’t reverberate enough; a lot of detail was lost. The room felt insufficient. I quickly decided that I wanted to make a video to accompany the sound, so I produced two videos in Premier Pro. I made a conscious choice to keep the audio file and videos separate. I projected the two videos, however they had different functions. “Without Moon” was the main piece of work. “With Moon” served as a backdrop. I approached this stage of the project in a playful manner. I tried to ignore the more conventional aspects of sound, video and projection. I challenged myself to uncompromisingly do exactly what I felt like doing. I found myself constructing a scene. My placement of the projectors was unusual and I emphasised this by working with the space, its textures, its dark walls and reflective glows. The research I had done became more meaningful during this period. The multiple elements created something more complex so my presentation needed to be well executed in order for the installation to work. When I started this project I felt one way and ended the project feeling another, which is why the work acts as a document of feeling over a period of time. The film, “Without Moon” development from anxiety into nostalgia and melancholy. The audio represents a different element to me and serves as a foundation of feelings in an atmospheric landscape. It gave a location, a scene, not a journey, which is what it would have been if I had attached it to a video. I made each element a different length so they never ran at the same time, making each experience ever so slightly different. I see feelings and emotions as vibrations and vibrations are sound, so for me sound is a direct line to emotion. What I showed visually is communicating that emotion with thought as an experience, as light is time. These beliefs I have influence my work greatly and I intend on placing people into my experience as a continued experiment to see how close I can get to communicating without words. To really place someone into myself. To hear my experience become theirs.

With Moon, Video, 2020, Alienate Installation, Video Projection, 00:11:20, 4.3m x 4.8m

Anxiety, Audio, 2020, Alienate Installation, 5:1 Surround Sound, 00:08:14, 3m x 3.5m

Without Moon, Video, 2020, Alienate Installation, Video Projection, 00:11:59, 150cm x 90cm