Experimental Sound

Taught by; Hannah Dargavel-Leafe

Date of Course: 14th November

We experimented with many different materials. Some of which delivered unexpected results. We had a particular type of paper that we crunched up in front of a microphone that produced the sound of a fire crackling. The likeness was indistinguishable from reality and shocked me.

We experimented with bubble wrap, metal tubes papers, foil, sand and water. What was interesting we the way in which I found myself approaching the materials after a while. It developed from the obvious squeezing and ripping to things like blowing through the materials, scratching and pushing them through sand and placing microphones on radiators. The effects became more interesting as we pushed the limits.

This was most obvious with the water and contact mic, which was placed inside a bucket of water. When I placed plaster inside the bucket of water the air bubbled released from the material and created an ominous screaming sound that was quite terrifying.

After a period of experimentation we worked together to create a live performance in an agile manner. This was very fun and demanded that we respond to each other. I would like to further develop this performative aspect with sound.

In the afternoon we recorded our sounds and made our way to the editing suite to create our own tracks using the content that we had created together.

Here’s my Final Track

Untitled, 2019